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Terms of Use

Request authorization
Prior to any use of my graphics, you must request my authorization by filling out a form that you will find here.

Pay the License

All sets are linkware AND shareware, that means that they are subject to the payment of a licensing fee (from $7 to $15).

Once I receive notification of your request I will send you the link to my PayPal account and once I receive notification of your payment, the zip file will be sent via e-mail.

Any commercial web sites must pay the commercial licensing fee for use of my graphics, even if the graphics are offered as shareware for use in personal pages.

A commercial web site is a site on which anything is offered for sale OR on which an individual or organization is promoting products or services from which they derive, or hope to derive, revenue, on or off the Internet. And it doesn't matter whether you are not *yet* making a profit on the site.

Use my logo
A link back to Eye For Beauty is mandatory wether you use the set as shareware or if you buy it, unless other arrangements have been made. The link must be placed on the same page on which the set is used. A logo is provided with each set.

Do NOT link directly
It is not worth trying to link directly to my graphics since the hotlinking has been disabled on my site!

Use Restriction
My graphics are not to be placed in any collection or archive; in addition, no images are to be redistributed for financial gain or placed on any compilation CD.
My graphics may not be altered, changed or modified in ANY way without specifically indicated approval.