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Dear visitor, you penetrate into a universe which will provide you a large choice of food. Food for your eyes with the galleries. Food for your soul with the poems and some keys for improving your life. Food for your inner child with the treasure hunt in the garden. And you will discover much more along the way...

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Note on the design: One of the key words in web design is *consistency*, it means that all the pages of a website need to have the same layout, this is particularly true for a business oriented site. Since these pages are mainly personal, I deviated a little from this rule...yup creativity tickled me quite intensively ;-). I kept the same *eye* theme for all the pages but with different textures and colors. All the backgrounds have been done from the single graphic of the eye that you see above in the title...a quite interesting adventure!

I wish you a very pleasant journey :-)

About me

I will tell you everything about me....well almost ;o)

What I believeWe all live according to our own beliefs sytem, I dare to think that you might be interested to discover mine.

Philosophy of life

A wide range of keys for improving your life.

The galleries

Eclectic galleries with paintings, poems, Jokes, my aquarium, my garden, and my tribute to Native Americans. You will also be able to make a World tour and visit some other countries and states.

Web related

Everything concerning my friends, the friendship network, the awards I have received and the award you may apply for, my memberships and the webrings I am in.

Web services

From here you may send e-cards or virtual flowers and if you want to leave me a message in French ;o), there is also a translator offered by Altavista.


How you can reach me.


Receiving feebacks from you dear visitor is always a pleasure, so please sign my guestbook.

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