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ALL sets/templates are Linkware AND Shareware, you will have then to pay a licensing fee in order to use them.

You have to fill in a *Request Form* with your name, e-mail and URL. Once the form will be received I will e-mail you the link to my PayPal account and once the notification of the payment will be received, I will forward the zip file to you.

The templates have a license going from $7 to $15 and their use is subject to the respect of some rules that I invite you to read carefully in the terms of use.

The use of my work made without my permission will be considered as copyright infringement! Does this happen? Unfortunately yes, and soon or later I discover the pirates, very often with the help of some supporters ;-)

All the sets can be used exclusively if you buy them and you can buy them through PayPal, but you will have to fill in the *Request Form* first! The link to the form is on each template.

If you don't want to go through all the pages each time you visit, you can be notified of all the new additions by visiting the page called *newest*

The sets have been classified by colors and are accessible through the links on the left.

All the links open a pop-up window that may be resized in order to have a full view of the set. For viewing other sets, please close that window by clicking the "x" at its top right hand corner.

If you would like to purchase one of these sets, instruction is given on each page displaying the set. If you think about a customized web set, please visit the Services section of this site.

For the visitors who come directly to this section of my site, please visit the Site Map in order to have a full view of what the site offers.

If you have any question regarding my graphics or web design in general you may use the Message Board of this site. Post your question and I will reply in the following 24 hours.

If you are looking for an exclusive template for your business, visit the


all the templates are sold at $70
not even half of the usual price!


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