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Seems that we can work together?

I need first to know what you want exactly. The more specific you are, the more efficient I can be. E-mail me your request and we shall work together in order to build a wonderful place for you.

Once we have decided what type of work I am to do for you, and have agreed on an estimated price for the job, I request total payment for jobs under $150.00, and 50% of the total job as contracted before I begin the job*. We will be in contact during that time, and you will be able to view your graphics before completion to make any adjustments and/or additions. When the work is completed, you can download the images from a private, client page on my server, or you may have them zipped and delivered via email.

* I accept only money orders or payments via PayPal (for customized templates as well as for complete site development).

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