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All my graphics are created with PSP

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If you have any question regarding my graphics or web design in general don't hesitate to use that neat feature. Click on the link above and go to the Message Board and write your question down, I will reply in the following 24 hours.


Most of the tutorials I will offer here will be based on the use of Paint Shop Pro 6 & 7 which is the main graphic program I work with. I surely have Photoshop but I find PSP much easier and this amazing software can do all that PS does, so...

1. Curved Texts

You can do curved texts to your heart's content with the version 7 of PSP.

2. Navigational elements with different shapes

3. Transparent Gif

How to make graphics with a transparent background.

Tips & Tricks

Tip One

How to place any graphic or text where you want them to be exactly!

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If you are a Web Designer, a programmer or a developer, Wise Women is a terrific group that you may join by signing up to its mailing list. Men are welcome too!

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An other great group to join if you want to improve your knowledge in web development or to share what you already know.

Women Designers Group

Tons of really useful links and tips on this awesome site, whatever you are looking for regarding web design, you will find it there for sure!


Great site with all kinds of resources that cover a large range of topics!

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